Why does my dog pee on his blanket

Why does my dog pee on his blanket?

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You have several options.

You can use a product such as "Dawn".

Another option is to buy the kind of blanket your dog has and see if it will deter him from using it. You may have to buy the same type of blanket. If it's a large, thick blanket it may deter him.


If your dog has a certain blanket and he likes that blanket, you can try to change his preference by getting a different kind of blanket or by using that blanket less frequently.


You can buy an alternative that is more "dog-like".

For example, dog bed covers or pillow covers.

Some dogs do not like their dog bed covers. They can use the pillow covers and like it better.

In any case, you will probably have to buy the alternative.

If it was his favorite blanket, he might not like that he is forced to

use something else.

You can keep it around and see if it will deter him. It may take several attempts. If it doesn't work, you can stop using it.

I used to have a cat that liked to pee on my bed. I would put a

"cat bed" under the pillow covers and that usually did the trick.

It will have to be a different type of pillow cover than what you would have bought for your dog. If it's the same type, there is no guarantee it will work. You'll just have to try. If it doesn't work, you can try another approach.

Another idea is to get a doggy toy that is very firm. A tennis ball will

be very hard for him to chew on, so he will have to pee on it, which

you can clean and throw away.

It may take several attempts before you find what is firm enough to deter him from peeing on it. He may get more familiar with it and pee on it less.

The other thing is to try to have a place in your house where he can have the chance to use the blanket. If it's a blanket that you buy or the same blanket you already have, he will have more opportunities to pee on it. If you buy something new, he will get to pee on that too.

If he goes to that location every time and he doesn't use that blanket,

then it's probably going to be because he likes that blanket more than

that place.

You may have to get more creative

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