Payback is a dog

Payback is a dog

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Payback is a dog." "I'm just wting for them to show." "And they will, eventually." "This is the last place in the state where they haven't yet." "We'll drive around until they come to us." "We are not going to drive around and make this my fault." "It's their choice." "It's not our choice." "What, are you trying to teach me something here, Mom?" "What are you trying to teach me here?" "All right, look, I'm not saying this is easy for me." "I'll tell you that much." "It's hard enough to make it here without you coming to my rescue." "I can't take care of you." "I can't even take care of myself." "But you can't stop yourself." "This is what you do." "And I need to get my life back." "You're gonna take care of me agn." "You're gonna be the one that makes it better." "All right?" "Come on, let's go." "Get in the car." "Go on." "All right, so I think we can talk about the good parts, right?" "Good parts?" "You and me?" "You mean in the car?" "Yeah." "Yeah, I think that would be pretty cool, you know?" "No, you don't get to talk in my life, so just stop." "You're being kind of weird right now." "I'm just trying to do what you do." "You know, you come over here and fix the problem." "I'm just..." "Just give me some space, all right?" "You know, I'm going through a bad time." "I'll tell you something." "You're really helping it out." "You're really helping yourself, too." "You know what I'm talking about." "There's no more space in the car." "I don't know how to make it better." "I can't make it better." "You know what I mean?" "So you have to go." "Okay." "Hey, come here." "Come here." "Come here." "Let me ask you something, all right?" "All right." "Listen, you have to be really careful with that." "This isn't just any gun." "It's a gun that belonged to my dad, all right?" "It's a very sentimental piece." "Yeah, I know what that is." "Just..." "Just don't touch the trigger." "Just m and shoot, okay?" "Okay." "Let's go." "Let's go." "Come on." "So are we gonna do this?" "What?" "We're gonna do what?" "The deal you asked for." "Are we gonna do the deal?" "That's not really the question I'm asking, is the..." "I didn't ask you to come to my house, so it's kind of the end of that." "I mean, we've had a good time." "We've been to a lot of places, but I just don't think we've been that great." "I don't even think we've been that good." "So this..." "This isn't..." "I mean, is this it?" "Do we have to..." "Are we through?" "You don't have to, you know, pretend to be okay with all of this." "I mean, you know, I think we can be honest with each other." "You know, I mean, this is what I want." "I'm a person, I'm a person who is capable of feeling something." "You know, you know me." "I'm sorry I've been so weird." "You know what I mean?" "This is where I want to be." "This is how I want to be." "This is not who I am, but this is where I wanna be." "So this is it?" "You know, we're through?" "I'm done with this?" "Well, I mean, I guess, I guess we could just kiss each other." "That would be nice." "So we're gonna do this, or what?" "Okay." "All right." "Can I help you?" "I'm looking for my father." "Your father?" "You mean, like, he went into the hospital?" "What, did he just fall in the river or something?" "He was here, and he ran out of gas, and he got lost in the woods." "I'm afrd that's not possible." "Well, when was the last time you saw him?" "My father?" "This morning." "And what happened this morning?" "He left." "So he's not here?" "Well, of course he's here." "Look, I don't know where he is." "I don't wanna know where he is." "But if you're looking for him,


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