Simon's Cat: frills are stupid!

Simon's Cat: frills are stupid!

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"What is the point of a frill if I can't even eat my delicious food with it?" Asks Simon's Cat in this video and tries vehemently to get rid of the bulky thing. His animal friend, a playful pug, discovers the cat in his "I want to tear off this annoying part" campaign and offers his help - but at the expense of the delicious food.

With a frill around his neck, Simon's Cat gropes for his food bowl and tries to eat from it. But somehow he doesn't want to succeed. With his tongue out, he tries to lick his meal - unfortunately without success. But the miez is inventive and throws the food into the air to catch it with his mouth.

Unfortunately, this type of food intake fails and Simon's Cats face is smeared all over with the food. But who comes faked there? A buddy of the cheeky velvet paw, a cute pug. You can not take it and munch the rest of the food away smoothly and sip the crazy little tiger clean quickly. And tada: The catastrophe guarantee slips through his neck through all the spills. Hooray, finally free! However, there is nothing left of the feed. Poor kitty!

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