Why is my cat pooping in the tub

Why is my cat pooping in the tub

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Why is my cat pooping in the tub?


You're not going to like the answer, but it may very well be that your cat is not actually having a problem with her urinary tract, but with her anal tract.

I'd suggest getting her to the vet for some bloodwork and a rectal exam, because she might be pooping in the tub because she's constipated. There's a good chance that a little more pressure on her hindquarters could open up her anal tract and allow her to evacuate.


It sounds like it may be a medical problem, but there are several things to consider.

There are a few reasons that your cat might have a problem with the anal tract, including

Cats tend to eliminate in one of two ways.

The cat is going to a litter box and it's pretty regular and is a lot more consistent than what you're doing, in the sense that if the cat goes into the litter box it's going to go on and off and if you are doing what you're doing with the cat in the tub the cat may be going off and on.

So, even if the cat is going off and on a lot the cat is still going to have a normal bowel movement.

The cat is not going into the litter box at all. So, they're just going all the time and pooping everywhere.

So, this means the cat isn't going to be going anywhere and there is going to be a whole lot of poop all the time.

In both scenarios, you can't see where the poop is coming from, which can cause the cat some issues.

When I have to do surgery on a cat, they'll either poop where they are sleeping or in the litter box. There's really not anywhere else they can go, because you just can't see it.

The cat is not going in the litter box because of one of two reasons:

The cat can't find the litter box. If your cat is going into your bed, or some other place where you're sleeping, then there is probably something wrong with your cat's litter box.

The cat can't go in the litter box for some other reason. This might be due to some medical problem. But, more than likely it's because there's something wrong with the cat's anal tract.

When I have cats that are constipated, I take them to the vet and they get a fecal exam.

They have to press down on the colon and see if there is any blockage in there. It sounds like your cat might be in the same boat as these cats, that need to get their stool checked out.

So, you can do what your doctor told you, that is the thing I would do. Or, I'd get a fecal exam done from the vet.

So, you might have a medical problem, but the reason she's going to the tub is most likely because there is something wrong with the anal tract.


One of the first things I look for when I see a cat is constipation. Many people do not understand that cats are not good at keeping their bowels regular and need daily cleaning of the lower bowel. If you get to the point where they have no bowels to speak of, and your cat's going to the bathroom anywhere but the litter box, then you should get her to a vet and have her checked out.

For constipation, the first thing I'd try is adding a little bit of water to the diet and then slowly increase it until they are back to normal.

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