Are humidifiers safe for dogs

Are humidifiers safe for dogs

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Are humidifiers safe for dogs?


I am a new mother and I've been using an electric humidifier to keep our home dry and comfortable. Our dog gets overheated easily and his ears are constantly wet. I was wondering if it's safe for him?


Humidifiers are generally considered safe for dogs. I have an electric humidifier with a fan that blows r out the bottom so it's very quiet and doesn't get too hot. A humidifier that has a large capacity will also be quieter. I also have one with a humidifier attachment for the shower and one with a handheld attachment. The handheld ones have an on/off switch and are safe to use for up to 5 minutes per use. I also use one when I take a shower in the morning to ensure my skin and hr are hydrated.

I do have an old gas humidifier that runs in the kitchen but I've never used it with our dog. It's big enough to run for a while but I would make sure it is not running too long.

I'm not a fan of the ones that use the pump, so I wouldn't use a battery operated one unless you have a very small dog.

The best way to make sure a humidifier is safe for a dog is to test it on a smaller dog first.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Karen

(published in Dogs 101)

(edited May 6, 2017 to add: I have never tested my gas humidifier on a dog and would not be comfortable doing so, so I would not recommend doing it. However, this doesn't mean the device is safe for a dog. Many pets and even babies have drowned in humidifiers.)


When I have my dog in the bathtub, is it safe for her to lay on a damp towel, even if I have run it under the running water for a couple of minutes?


While the bathtub is an open area, it's not ideal for dogs. It's important to keep the water from getting into their eyes and ears and to keep their skin dry. Dogs have a much higher risk of overheating and drowning in the bathtub because they can't keep their heads above the water and they don't have fur that keeps them from absorbing water. If your dog is very good at getting her head above the water, she should be able to stay dry if you just wet the area where the towel goes on top of the water.

For more information, check out our article on the bathtub.

Dr. Karen

(edited June 30, 2014 to add: While you might be able to keep your dog from drowning in a tub with the right type of faucet, it's still not recommended. You should have a bathtub equipped with a "high side" faucet that does not have a spray. If your water source does not supply a high side faucet, you should get one. Dogs who are good swimmers should also avoid the tub.)


Can I use a humidifier with a dehumidifier in the house, or does the fan interfere?


I don't think you will have an issue with a humidifier with a dehumidifier. I use one in my living room and it blows right through to the other side of the house, but there are no problems with that.

I do use the dehumidifier with our two dogs. The one in the bedroom has been on for almost 7 years now, and I have no concerns about it. The other one in our living room was a gift from a friend and I haven't had a problem with that, either.

Dr. Karen

(edited August 24, 2015 to add: While I don't have any experience with humidifiers with dehumidifiers, I do know that there are humidifiers that are sold with built-in dehumidifiers so you can use them all together. You may want to check to see what the manufacturer recommends.)


I have a new baby, and I have a small humidifier in my room. I have never had a problem with this. But my baby's room doesn't seem to have any r coming out of the ceiling, so I'm not sure how the humidifier is working.

I'm just concerned for the safety of my baby, and if there is some way that the r could become so dry that my baby will need to be hospitalized.


It's possible for a humidifier to have a problem with r quality if it is not working properly. You can test it for leaks by opening the valve on the top. If you hear r coming from the bottom of the unit, there are problems.

I would contact the humidifier manufacturer and ask if you can have them fix the unit, or if it's not something they do on a regular basis. If it's something they have not had experience with before, they might refer you to a service center that can make the repr.

If the problem is with a vent you can buy a vent insert from an r-conditioning supply company and install it. The vent inserts are designed to direct r to a specific location in the room.

I would not recommend closing off the ducts that are closest to the humidifier. You might try having someone else install the vent, or having a professional do it. But I would not make any changes to the r flow around the humidifier. It should work just fine with no changes.

In my area, the r conditioning companies are now required to test the r quality of the systems they install. That means that if your humidifier is not working properly, they will take care of it. It's not a requirement but many of them do.

If you find that you have an r quality issue, you can contact a service center or a home service company. They will check the system and make sure it is working properly.

You might want to consider changing the r filter in your humidifier, just in case.


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