Herzig: Pudel looks after people in the nursing home

Herzig: Pudel looks after people in the nursing home

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This video brings tears to your eyes: a small poodle looks after patients in a nursing home. Every day the dog comes to work with his owner and visits his friends - for this he even drives alone in the elevator.

Bitch Nala is the dearest treasure for residents of a nursing home in Minnesota. Together with her owner, she comes to work every day and looks after the patients in the facility. She cuddles with them and stands by the older women and men with much love. For this she is rewarded with pats and warm words.

To be able to visit her many friends, the poodle has to take the elevator, but even that is a piece of cake for the charming Nala. She would even press the elevator buttons herself if she could, according to her owner. Such a clever four-legged friend, who with his loving manner should get a place in the hearts of many animal lovers.

Clever, sweet and woolly: poodles as family dogs

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