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Sweet Münsterländer: Exciting tour in the garden

Sweet Münsterländer: Exciting tour in the garden

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Ready, out, in the garden! The young Münsterlanders in this video can finally go outside and discover the world. And the curious dogs Pixie and Niles find some cozy and mysterious places.

The little four-legged friends in this video use a sunny day to walk around the garden and discover hiding places. While puppy Pixie initially stays with her dog mum and sniffs yellow flowers, she suddenly grabs curiosity when she sees a large, colorful wooden house. The cute cheeky cheek is on the way and explores the interior of the building.

And there is a lot to discover: balls, cuddly toys and a carpet invite you to nibble and play. When Pixie gets a little tired on the tour, she makes herself comfortable in a wooden bed and takes a nap. Brother Niles reports this immediately to his mother, who is on the way to her puppy. But instead of leading her baby dog ​​out of the house, she grabs a cuddly toy, a bright green frog, and whirls it around. The dog lady obviously thinks the playhouse is just as great as Pixie. How sweet!

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