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Bengal cat boomer thinks ball pool is really great!

The young Bengal cat Boomer lives together with his cat friend Didga at the animal trainer Robert Dollwet in Australia. The two cats have already learned a lot of great tricks - in this video, for example, Boomer shows how much fun training in the ball pit is for him.

Huuuuuiiiii! What's coming there? It is Bengal cat Boomer who jumps into his ball pit with Karacho. He sometimes jumps over the back of a mastiff, dives into the ball pit and plays with a toy crocodile. At the beginning, the smart cat explores the balls a little carefully, but curiously. Later, he apparently feels like a fish in the water in the ball pit.

As the animal trainer emphasizes in the commentary to the video, it is not a matter of course that cats like to dive and play in ball pools. It takes a lot of experience, practice and training to teach them. On his YouTube channel "Catmantoo" Robert Dollwet has listed a series of tutorials in a playlist.

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As a Bengal cat, Boomer has wild cat blood in his veins and is therefore particularly playful and full of energy. Cat training is a wonderful opportunity for him to demonstrate his intelligence and let off steam. Boomer came home to Robert Dollwet as a kitten to keep cat Didga company, as can be seen in the video below.

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