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Kittens Leo, Brie and Oscar have a playmate

Kittens Leo, Brie and Oscar have a playmate

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The foundlings Leo, Oscar and Brie were not accepted by their mom and were found on the street by animal lovers. Thanks to the cat protection association "Cats at the Studios" in Los Angeles, the tiny Siamese cats were saved and are now being raised with the bottle and much love. In this video, they get another family member on four velvet paws: Valentina, a black orphan kitten that is a week older than the three siblings.

Valentina turns out to be a little rabaukin who would like to fight and rage all day with the three Siamese kittens Leo, Brie and Oscar. She will probably have to learn a few more manners, the video says. Fortunately, it worked and Valentina has become a lot calmer and nicer. In the next video, she and her adoptive siblings make a very cozy fleece nap and feel at home:

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