French bulldog Maui finds sports boring

French bulldog Maui finds sports boring

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French bulldog Maui in the video is apparently a soul mate of former English Prime Minister Winston Churchill. "Sport is murder," is the dog's motto, while he is comfortably dozing on the floor of a fitness studio and is not at all disturbed by the activity around him.

Behind Maui, the French Bulldog, a young woman is preparing to jump onto a punching bag with a patch. She does the exercise flawlessly, she clings her legs to the punching bag (a young man helps her with it), turns around there and jumps down again.

Maui is not in the least impressed, she just lazes around and ignores the sports cannons in the background. Only briefly, when landing, the French bulldog looks up and seems to want to say: "Don't be so stressful here!" - Smart animal!

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