Make cat food yourself: fish recipes

Make cat food yourself: fish recipes

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If you want to make cat food yourself, there are many options. Fish recipes are delicious and healthy for your velvet paw. Here we have collected some ideas for you and explain how to prepare them. Fish recipes are great for making your own cat food - Image: Shutterstock / saiko3p

Instead of serving ready-made industrial food, would you like to make your cat food yourself? Your parlor tiger is particularly happy about these fish recipes. First things first: you should remove the bones from all meals you prepare for your cat with fish. Your pet can choke badly even on very small bones.

Fish recipes with fillet: These are suitable for cats

One of the most popular fish recipes consists of a tasty fillet. Mackerel or trout is suitable for this. Examine the pieces carefully for bones and crush them with a fork. In addition, there are two peeled potatoes, which you mix with natural yoghurt to make porridge. Finally, you can add a teaspoon of oatmeal - the nutritious and delicious meal for your immune system is ready.

You can also mix types of fish if you want to serve your cat a special treat: take about 100 grams of salmon and trout each and mix the fillets with 50 grams of cooked rice. You can add about 20 grams of broccoli and a teaspoon of yeast flakes. A teaspoon of vegetable oil provides the necessary suppleness.

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Fish with rice

Recipes with cooked fish are also suitable if you want to make cat food yourself. For example, cook 200 grams of fish in water and then stir it with a quarter cup of cooked rice and a teaspoon of butter. Tip: If the whole thing is too dry, add some cooking water to loosen it.

Pasta al tonno for the cat

Your kitty will definitely be happy about tuna. You can take this out of the can and offer it with a few spaghetti. However, make sure that the carbohydrate content in cat food generally remains low. Cook the pasta as normal and put a handful (cooled!) In the food bowl. Then sprinkle them with a few flakes of butter and add half a can of tuna.

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