Hair Customs and Styles for Yorkies

If you have a soft spot for small dogs, consider welcoming a Yorkshire terrier into your home. In addition, there is an extensive assortment of hairstyles that look attractive on Yorkshire terriers.


Yorkie owners looking for a comfortable, low-maintenance cut for their dogs should consider the Westie Cut. This convenient hairstyle entails trimming all of the dog's hair, save for its facial hair, down to a few inches. If you live in a warm-weather area, a full shave can take the place of a trim.


A schnauzer cut is among the most common Yorkie hairstyles. For this particular style, the black fur on the dog's face and back is cut very short while the tan portions of its fur are trimmed to whatever length the owner desires. This cut can be carried out with scissors or clippers.

Modified Schnauzer

As the name implies, the modified schnauzer cut is a variation of the traditional schnauzer cut. This cut entails trimming all the fur on the dog's back very short. The dog's facial and tail fur are then trimmed to the owner's desired length. The Chinese crested cut, a variation of this style, involves keeping the tail fur untrimmed.


The puppy cut is another comfy, low-maintenance hairstyle for Yorkshire terriers. This cut involves trimming all of the dog's fur, including facial fur, down to the same length. As is the case with the Westie cut, a full shave can take the place of a trim in warmer climates.


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