Dachshund Pepper makes it extra comfortable for a nap

The cute little Dachshund Pepper in the video wants to rest from his busy dog ​​life and makes himself comfortable on the bed. He chooses the most comfortable pillow and prepares it so that it becomes particularly soft and cozy.

First Dachshund Pepper pushes the pillow into place with his snout, then he tests whether it is really soft enough. Hmm, not quite yet, first the pillow has to be kneaded with the paws. Finally, there is only one extra cozy sleeping tray missing, so the cute dog turns a little in a circle to form an uneasy hollow in the pillow with his popeoch.

After the work is done, the cute dachshund snuggles up in his sleeping place and indulges in sweet idleness. At the end Pepper gets a short visit from his cat buddy, the Maine Coon Muffin, but doesn't let himself be disturbed while relaxing.

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