Can a White German Shepherd Dog Be Registered With the AKC?

Can a White German Shepherd Dog Be Registered With the AKC?

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By: Catherine Holden Robinson

Despite once being considered flawed, the white German shepherd is a stunning dog with the same physical characteristics all German shepherds share. White is a natural pigmentation, yet it's often confused with albino characteristics. The white dogs of this breed share similar traits with all German shepherds, such as pink or black skin and eyes ranging from gold to deep brown in color.

A Matter of Color

Originating from Germany, the white shepherd was once considered defective, and believed to cause a risk of fading for the breed. It was later discovered through genetic testing that the recessive gene that causes the white coat is not responsible for fading coat colors in subsequent litters. Despite this scientific proof, this manner of thinking led to a decision in 1968 in which the AKC denied the white German shepherd from competing in its conformation ring, as the color white was deemed, "less desirable," in the breed. The white coat color is considered grounds for disqualification, according to the AKC breed standard. However, according to the AKC, dogs of a disqualifying color may still be registered as long as both parents are registered.

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