Dog becomes a lifesaver on a walk in the forest

Dog becomes a lifesaver on a walk in the forest

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A dog made an unusual find while walking in a forest in Bremerhaven. There the fur nose found a cage with three guinea pigs. The rodents were apparently deliberately abandoned there. A dog in Bermerhaven became a hero on a walk in the forest - Image: Shutterstock / Halfpoint

During the walk in the forest, the owner noticed that her dog was behaving abnormally: he was excited and could not be measured.

The 65-year-old should know the reason immediately afterwards. Because lo and behold - her dog pulled her to a cage in the middle of the forest. There were actually three guinea pigs in it.

As the Bremerhaven police said in a statement, the rodents were released without food and water. Since the cage was also covered with branches and leaves, it looks as if this was done deliberately.

The authorities assume that vacation time could play a role. One thing is certain: without the dog, the guinea pigs would have been lost.

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