Types of food for the needs of long-haired cats

Types of food for the needs of long-haired cats

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Whether snack, dry food or wet food: The various cat products should support the fur health of cats with their ingredients and can especially do long-haired cats or four-legged friends with fur problems. Types of food for the needs of long-haired cats - Image: Shutterstock / SJ Allen

1. Dry food with increased fiber content

If you provide your cat with dry food in addition to wet food, you will find various products among the varieties that are especially suitable for long-haired fur noses or that generally do something for skin and hair. With its increased fiber content and composition, this should not only keep the fur healthy, but also support the natural excretion of swallowed hair.

2. Wet food with mineral earth for healthy fur

A high-quality wet food without sugar and with a high meat content is an important basis for cat health and thus also for a shiny, strong cat fur. Enriched with salmon oil and mineral earth, this wet food is supposed to offer additional care from the inside, while psyllium promotes healthy digestion.

3. For in between: cat snack with biotin

A few cat snacks in between - most cat hearts beat faster. There are also varieties here that are supposed to contribute to skin and hair health with their composition, for example with omega-3 fatty acids and biotin in the ingredients.

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