Tamandua fishes for a feed box and almost plops into the water

Tamandua fishes for a feed box and almost plops into the water

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But someone is hungry! This funny Tamandua in the video definitely wants to go to the feed box. In return, he comes up with some ideas, but also almost drops into the water.

Tamanduas are anteaters and actually feed on many insects. This cute guy here is not looking for ants, but is fishing for the large feed box with greens. There is only one problem: the water.

Therefore, the funny fellow is quite imaginative. With the help of his long tail, he tries to hold on to the branch and stretches over to the box. This suddenly swims away and again he can't get to the face. In the end, he doesn't even know how to get back on the branch and even almost plops into the water. One might think that he doesn't feel like taking a long bath. And he's probably still hungry.

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