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Cat names: How to find the right name for your darling

Find the right cat name for the new family member on four paws? This is just as difficult for many as choosing a name for their own offspring. The selection is almost endless, if you don't want to choose a classic. Here you get tips for finding a name. Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPics

A new fluffy roommate announces itself and the whole family is happy. But what is the name of the velvet paw? Which cat names are appropriate? Are there any that are particularly suitable so that your new darling knows immediately that he is meant? Who might even ensure that Miez learns particularly quickly? Read here how it makes a difference what your cat's name is.

Find cat names: this is how the cat learns it

Whether mimi, kitty or pussy - most cat names have one thing in common: they are two-syllable and contain at least one bright vowel. The reason is, on the one hand, that people like to make nicknames in exactly this way. On the other hand, this is also an advantage for the loyal four-legged friends: you can remember these names better.

Science does not yet agree on why this is so. Maybe because the sensitive cat ears can hear bright vowels well from a distance. In addition, commands like "Come!", "No!" or "off!" are often monosyllabic - the little velvet paw prefers to come out when it hears its melodious name with two syllables.

The most popular cat names: Give me an "L"!

Naming the beloved pet is certainly not easy. As a little help ...

Exotics supplant the classic cat names

Some cat names have enjoyed great popularity for decades. These include the previously mentioned Mimi, Kitty and Muschi, but also Felix, Findus, Krümel, Lucy, Sunny and Tiger are real classics. However, cat lovers are now increasingly choosing exotic names that should be as individual as possible as their house tiger.

In addition to old German names such as Emil, Lisbeth, Herbert, Paula, Herbert and Fritz, the names of characters from popular films have also become established. In addition to Frodo and Legolas, the names Hermine and Harry as well as Nemo and Dori are also found. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to consider the tips above - after all, your cat should also have fun with its name.

Cat names suitable for the respective breed

Many cat owners are looking for a name that best fits the breed of their house tiger. Here are some examples of how a cat's name can support each breed:

Norwegian Forest Cat - Nordic names:

● Ragnar
● Freya
● Thor
● Odin

Maine Coon & Ragdoll - American names:
● Jimmy
● Milly
● Bobby
● Tommy
● Ozzy
● Miley

Turkish Angora:
● Yasmin
● Pinar
● Kedi
● Daria

Persian cat:
● Shira
● Kian
● Amon
● Soraya

So there is a selection of suitable names for almost every breed - let your imagination run wild.