Promoted from dog grandma to human grandma

Promoted from dog grandma to human grandma by some of the most beloved animals on the planet, it's the perfect way to get out of the house on Valentine's Day (or any day). And it's not as easy as it looks: You'll need a lot of courage, a love for animals, and a lot of patience.

But here's your chance to show off your special bond to a furry, feathered or scaly friend. From the pros at the New York Cat Gym to the owners of New York's pet cafés, we talked to everyone from the best grandma-to-grandma dates to find out what they do (and don't do) when it comes to getting out on the town.


The New York Cat Gym

Nancy L

Grandma: "She just wants to be petted. I love it."

Petting a cat is more than just a "touchy-feely thing" to a cat — it's a life-affirming experience.

"Most of our cats that have been around here are very old," explns Nancy L, the director and co-founder of the Cat Gym, which is based on Manhattan's Upper East Side. "It's the way of life they know, which is so comforting to them."

When it comes to picking a cat, Lsays it's about the breed's personality, and how much you can spend on it. "I want a cat that is quiet, calm and won't disturb the neighborhood," she says.

Lrecommends using a microchip, which can be found at veterinary offices. Once your cat is scanned, you can log onto a website and track him or her online. (If you have multiple cats, you can use an online profile to keep them all organized.)

Cats also love attention. If your cat becomes fussy when someone walks into the room, be understanding.

"I always tell clients to keep their hands to themselves," Lsays. "But cats are also very tactile. If a cat is afrd, you may need to gently stroke him or her to make him or her feel better."

If your cat doesn't like a new person, Lsays, that's OK. As long as the cat doesn't growl, growl or hiss, it's OK to approach him or her. And, just like people, cats can get into the habit of liking certn people over others.

"When I was younger, I was very afrd of cats," Lsays. "But after years of exposure, they became my best friends."

The New York Cat Gym

The New York Cat Gym

New York's pet cafés

Kathy Miller

Grandma: "I'm a big hugger, and I can tell by looking at them that they really want to be hugged. That's the best part of it."

It might be your cat's natural instinct to want to be petted, but many pet owners don't take advantage of the connection. In fact, it's almost a sin.

"The mn thing that most cat owners do is not enough touch," says Kathy Miller, owner of the East Village cat café, The Cat's Table. "Most owners are just holding the cat with their hands and petting their heads."

Miller recommends using your whole body.

"I would also recommend petting the whole body, as cats appreciate the feeling of getting patted all over," she says. "I have one cat I pet every single day, and he loves it."

One of the best ways to connect with a cat is to have a conversation. "It's really important for the cat to feel a connection," Miller says. "So, just ask the cat questions and ask how he's doing. A cat will tell you a lot about how he's feeling."

Miller also recommends learning as much as you can about your cat's personality, but not before you have spent a little time playing. "A lot of cats enjoy being played with, like having their ears scratched, and some prefer having their tummy rubbed," she says.

The New York Cat Gym

The New York Cat Gym

Petite Perfections

Catherine Flemming

Grandma: "The best part of it for me was meeting other dog owners. We were all in this together. We were all in this love for our dogs, and it wasn't just about dogs, but about loving each other."

The other thing that is so important to most dog and cat owners is their relationship with their human partners. And if that person loves their pet too, so much the better.

"It's important that they have this special bond because it is what I think will keep them together in years to come," Flemming, who lives in Connecticut, says. "It's the part of the relationship

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