Do dog nipples shrink after spaying

Do dog nipples shrink after spaying

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Do dog nipples shrink after spaying or do they become longer?

We purchased our new Lab 2 weeks ago. After the surgery to spay her, she is so tiny that she's barely noticeable. It looks like we'll have to buy a new collar and/or leash. She still has her nipples, which is nice, but she just seems so much smaller. How much can she grow and still be the same size?

I have read that after spaying a bitch her nipples can get elongated so if yours has them take a picture of them after the spay.

It can be a year, two years, ten years, forever- but you don't want to hear that the bitch is no longer fertile. For good reason. I have been to breeders more than once and had many girls spayed- none came back to me to get inseminated. So you're going to have to breed her. And when she is fertile, you need to be sure that they are breeding her and your male to that bitch.

Your Lab should have no trouble growing. She will continue to get bigger. The nipples will remain but there is no difference in the size of the nipple at any time. Your little one needs to eat at least twice a day. It will help her to grow in size and weight.

I have read that after spaying a bitch her nipples can get elongated so if yours has them take a picture of them after the spay.

This is true. When I took the pictures for our "before" and "after" I took photos of the female's entire body. I thought it would help to see the size, shape, etc. to show how much "more' there is. In our case the spaying is what does the trick - her nipples will NOT shrink back.

I've seen a lot of folks with their girl, in "training", and no matter what they feed her or how often, the nipples will grow. She does not take after her sire at all.

It just proves to me how vital it is to start with females who have healthy nipples, and to keep them intact and unbroken after the spay.

When I spayed Roxy, I had her nipples clipped to keep them from growing too. If you have the opportunity to get her inseminated, you should do that, too.

The best way to feed your young pups is to put a scoop of puppy food in the palm of your hand, scoop, hold, push the food into the top of the teat of your bitch, and repeat, until she has eaten the entire treat. Don't give them more than that amount, you want the dog to eat so that it will not be able to vomit while nursing.

As you can see, my little girl has plenty of food and is happy. A little more work is involved, but she's only been doing it for a few months and the work is well worth the trouble. She will not get fat. The only way she can get fat is if you give her too much food.

When a pup gets past six weeks of age, he can be taken to a breeder's facility for further training. A lot of breeders use this as a time when they can teach the dog some tricks, too.

I did not know that about the nipples. I had thought they always got big if you bred a puppy that was not vaccinated.

I was going to be really pissed off because I didn't spay her because I was young and stupid and figured I could keep her as a pet. I guess it's too late now to save her life. I'd heard of other issues in the past with pregnant spayed cats (and I've never heard of that happening with dogs), but I didn't give it much thought.

That sucks. I guess it's a combination of stupidity, age, and poor vet care.

She was only 7.5 pounds when I picked her up, and 5 weeks old. Most dogs weigh 7 to 9 pounds when they first come out. I knew she was heavy, but it still surprised me when I put her in a grocery store plastic bag. She had an IV in her, an I.V., and had just been in the car for over two hours. I figured she needed to stay warm, so I just put the bag in the garage, and left her alone. Well, later that night, I checked her out, and found her unresponsive. When I took her out of the bag, she was blue. It's not nice when your mom's dog dies, and it's all your fault.

It was a pretty quick death. I guess a vet will give you that. I think she was in shock.

When a puppy is very young, the breeder will be more concerned with weight loss than a puppy that is not ready to be sold. A puppy that is 5 weeks old but weighs 10 pounds is at the top of the food pyramid.

I will say I have read of this, but never once had a breeder tell me my puppy was getting so skinny. Usually I would get the puppies weighed on their birthday, and it was at their birth size.

You don't know the size of their stomachs... They can gain a pound of weight a day, or even a pound a week.

My breeder was an experienced breeder, and very knowledgeable about health issues. When she started a litter, she would watch the puppies when they were born to make sure they were all big and strong and healthy. And I think it's normal for their first vet appointment to be at a couple days old.

I had a very big puppy, and they were very big when I got them. But I did not realize until later that they gained about a pound a week until they were eight weeks old.

Most of them were around 8-12 weeks at their vet appointment, but I do not know if that is the normal.

So, like I said, you don't know what the breeder says, how fast the puppies gain weight, or how old the puppy is.

I know your breeder was very nice and helpful to you. She really cared about her puppies, and it is good that you still have a home for them. But there are also a lot of nice people who do not take great care of their animals. I hope you don't meet that type.

You need to find a responsible, kind breeder who treats their animals well.

The weight loss sounds a bit unusual. I wouldn't let a breeder talk you into this. If it is normal for puppies to start losing weight at a couple weeks old (as long as they do not get to close to 1lb by then), then I'd recommend you look elsewhere.

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