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Hairstyles turn dogs… into lions: panic in Norfolk

Passersby could not believe their eyes - and panicked to the police. Did a lion really run through the city of Norfolk? If you watch this video, you probably have to look twice, but the supposed lion turns out to be a harmless Labradoodle. His owner missed him, however, a truly lion-strong hairstyle.

The King of the Animals is walking the streets! This news was recently received by the police of the American city of Norfolk, reports the news page ". It was quickly counted in the local zoo whether all the mane bearers were behind bars. Luckily: everyone was still there! But what has the panicked witness then seen?

It wasn't long before the terrifying culprit was exposed - it was a harmless dog. However, with his rather special hairstyle he delivered a very impressive picture that was not so unlike a lion. The video shows: The Labradoodle has a smart mane, the rest of the fur is short-cropped. Only at the tip of the dog tail is a small tuft left. Incidentally, his name more than lives up to his majestic appearance: he listens to "Charles the Monarch".

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