Can cats have nuts

Can cats have nuts

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Can cats have nuts? I had no idea...

My question came up when one of my students brought in a cat with two nuts (actually, two small nuts - about the size of a pecan, I guess). She sd they'd been there for a couple weeks, and the cat ate a couple of them. She wasn't too concerned, since they were probably the same variety the cat would eat anyway.

My students have been discussing how, even though cats are carnivores, many cats will eat almost anything - seeds, eggs, bugs, etc. I'd guess they don't really do much damage to seeds, but they might have a different opinion.

So I wonder if cats have different diets than humans do.

Can cats have nuts?

I think that is an interesting question! I know cats will take a lot of nuts, like a large pecan that I gave my cat. They will go right to the nut and try to get it, without first eating the skin. They also like to hide and eat their food. The only thing I have found that I would not give to a cat is raw meat, especially since I don't think they can chew it as well as we can.

I'm not sure if they could get the nut off the shell and the meat off the seed.

Thanks! I love how cats are so mysterious - they always make me wonder.

Cats are natural hunters. So, cats will eat just about anything that is tasty and in their line of sight. But, they will also eat things that do not taste good or that are inedible. Some cats will eat live insects, small mice, worms, etc. I had one who liked to eat paper (stubbed out a pad of paper and brought it to me for a little snack) and other "gifts" from her owner.

But, you did have some kind of plant that the cat liked. I have also had cats that will eat just about any food that is edible and not inedible.

As long as the cats are in your house and you control what the cat can eat, you should be ok.

I think cats can't eat nuts. They are too big for their mouth. I think it might hurt if you try to put a nut in their mouth. And I'm not sure they would be able to chew them anyway.

My cats love peanut butter, but I'm not sure about walnuts. I know some cats like to nibble on a peanut butter sandwich, but I would be wary of nuts in a peanut butter sandwich. They tend to go to the roof of their mouth and get stuck.

I'm not sure about this question, but I'm thinking they probably can't eat a whole nut, but they might be able to break it open so that they can eat it. I'd be wary of seeds, though. My cats would be after those.

Yes, I'm sure your cat can eat a lot of the other things he eats. That is why I'm not concerned. I know a lot of cats eat catnip. I don't think they could get a nut off a shell and chew it.

The cat I know is a picky eater - she's not very adventurous. I know she will eat the meat off a peanut. I have had her eat a peanut butter sandwich. She will take it apart and eat it, but I don't think she'll eat a nut.

I had a cat who was a very good eater, but also had some dietary needs. He preferred chicken. The vet told us he should have chicken, and that was what we gave him. He ate about two pounds of chicken per day. However, he also liked peanuts. We bought a bag of peanuts, and he ate most of them. It turned out he didn't like them very much, but he did like them. He wouldn't eat peanut butter though.

I know cats can be picky eaters. I'm not so sure about cats having nuts. I know they will eat seeds.

I don't think they can have nuts - or anything really, for that matter. When I was growing up, all we had was canned cat food, and my brother would buy a can of tuna, a can of salmon, and whatever other cat food he could buy. Then, after we went vegetarian, he went to the supermarket and bought chicken, beef, and hamburger meat. One day, while eating the hamburger, I found a can of salmon. "What is this?" I asked. My brother, who was watching, sd, "Oh, they're leftovers." Then he went and bought another can of tuna and some canned cat food. When I told him he couldn't do that, he told me that I was being ridiculous. He sd they were leftovers.

Well, I was a bit upset because the salmon was on sale, but I decided that I didn't care. I took it home and fed it to the cat. I think he liked it. It was at least six months later that I remembered about it.

I also used to give my cat canned cat food. Now, I buy meat in bulk and freeze it in portions for him to snack on. I don't think he has ever had cat food in the last five years. We also only give him one food, so it can be changed if he doesn't like it. When he was a kitten, he was fed dry food.

You'll notice my brother didn't buy a can of tuna - they're just too expensive. He has gotten into the habit of buying the same kind of food as his wife, which is very expensive. But the cat doesn't care. I think we both feel guilty about that, but it's just a cat, so we feel it's okay.

I think your cat's eating habits are just fine. They're not as picky as they were when I was growing up, and they like a lot of the foods that they do eat. I used to feed my cat dry food. He loved it. I'm not sure if he liked canned or not

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