Seal point siamese cat

Seal point siamese cat

A seal point siamese is a cat breed whose gene pool derives from the point Siamese, of which there are different types, the seal point is often compared with the Oriental short-hred Siamese, a close cousin. For example, the long-hred seal point siamese is sometimes referred to as the oriental seal point.


The long-hred seal point siamese is descended from the original seal point cat, with the name siamese referring to the Siamese cat breed. It is also known as Oriental seal point. This breed was born in England in the early twentieth century. Its ancestry includes the original point Siamese and the Bengal. The seal point first appeared in The Cat Fancy in the early 1900s, and had been bred in England since.

The seal point is a longhred breed that resembles a small pixie in size and appearance. This attractive and lively breed was initially bred for sale as a pet. Although its temperament is sometimes attributed to that of the Bengal, there is no reliable evidence to support the common theory that it is a cross of a Bengal and a point Siamese. In fact, the Sealpoint is a distinct breed in itself. Because of its large and somewhat triangular shaped ears, it can easily be confused with the Oriental short-hred Siamese. Both breeds share the same long silky hr coat, but that of the Oriental has a different texture than the Sealpoint.


This breed has large distinctive triangular ears, and black or fawn fur marked with white.

The Sealpoint is a long-hred cat of a medium to large build, with a lean and muscular body, good muscle tone and structure, and of a low, wide, level back. Sealpoints typically weigh between 3.5 ,kg (7 ,lb 9 oz) and 5.5 ,kg (12 ,lb 3 oz) and, if kept in optimum health, may live to about ten years of age.

Cats and kittens should be purchased before their first tooth appears. Sealpoints and their litters are usually playful, curious and inquisitive. They are friendly, alert, active and eager to please, and tend to be loving, loyal and affectionate. This cat has a low need for mental stimulation, although a high need for activity. It also tends to be a rather fast learner and will do well in a home with other animals, provided that they are introduced to them at a young age. The Sealpoint is very intelligent, loves to play and enjoys a good game of fetch.

They enjoy the company of other animals, and are usually quite active and playful. Their playful and friendly nature make them great for home life and trning, though they may also be prone to temper tantrums. They can be very stubborn and may require firm leadership in order to be trned. Because of their intelligence, they do well at tricks or in obedience classes.

As their name implies, the Sealpoint is ideal for a land-based home, although they are not necessarily picky. Sealpoints have an easy, graceful gt, and their coat can be flat or double-coated. The breed is considered to be a very fine-boned cat, and a cat in a pet store will rarely exhibit these fine-boned characteristics.

Sealpoints are sometimes referred to as a "pocket" cat. The coat, which is short and soft, has little hr on the face. Although they do shed a little, the shedding is usually minimal.


A healthy Sealpoint is healthy, happy, active, healthy, and a very good pet. Because this breed is relatively new, health problems have not been well documented. However, the cat breed standards generally include the health-related conditions that are of most concern to many cat lovers.

Seals tend to be a very active breed that enjoys a variety of activities, which may affect their health and longevity. Sealpoints are prone to problems related to the back legs, though, and are prone to hip dysplasia. A vet can often test a cat for hip dysplasia, so if you suspect a problem with the leg, you should consult a veterinarian.

Another possible health concern is the lack of a defined coat. The very soft and short coat should be groomed frequently. If your Sealpoint does not have a coat, make sure that your veterinarian evaluates your cat and that the cat receives a full examination.


Some Sealpoints may be prone to being pregnant, though there are breed standards to try to avoid this. The most common problem with the pregnant Sealpoint is an increased amount of urine in the bladder. A cat with a urinary tract blockage can cause the cat to urinate frequently. Other symptoms include increased and/or pnful urination. In most cases, the cat can treat the problem on her own, but it is best to have a vet check out the cat if the problem seems severe or if there are any other symptoms.


Sealpoints can be a somewhat demanding breed when it comes to reproduction. A male sealpoint should be in heat from two to six times a year, depending on the year and other factors. The breeding season usually begins in mid-February. If the cat is a female, she is usually in heat for eight to ten days. A male should urinate in front of the female to let her know he is ready to breed. A female will mount the male and will usually do this about three to four times during the time she is in heat.

Health Care and Longevity

Like most cats, Sealpoints require plenty of love, attention, and attention. They also require a consistent routine. These cats do well in a quiet, well-cared-for home.

A Sealpoint’s lifespan is about fourteen to sixteen years.

The sealpoint breed is a wonderful addition to any family and is suitable for any home, family, or household.

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