A dog's journey free ebook online

A dog's journey free ebook online

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A dog's journey free ebook online

The story of a dog, its name, its parents, and their


This free ebook is intended for children, parents, teachers, and students

of early childhood education. The ebook has a beginning, middle, and

end. There are three pictures, and a glossary. The story is short,

sweet, and simple. It is a fun read, for all ages!

The ebook is about a dog named Lassie,

who lives in a little town in Scotland called Bidean Castle. The town

is named after the castle, which is named after the family that lives


Lassie's father is the castle's

gardener. His mother is the town's dog catcher. Lassie's mother catches

the bad dogs, and Lassie's father catches the good dogs and takes care

of them. Lassie and her father have a special bond.

When Lassie is four

years old, her parents take her to meet the castle's new family, which

is made up of two children and a new baby.

Lassie is happy to meet

the new family and the baby. It seems like she is going to have a lot

of fun!

But Lassie's father

doesn't have much time for the new baby. He spends all of his time with

the baby. Lassie spends a lot of time with the little girl, who is her


When the little girl

dies, Lassie is sad. She misses her little friend and is sad for a long


Lassie's father loves

his work. But he does not understand why his wife is sad. He is unhappy

that he cannot be with his wife and Lassie. He wants to leave the town.

Lassie is sad, too.

The author of the ebook is

L.R. Lewis, who has written several books. She is a teacher, and has

written over a hundred books about animals, children, nature, and many

other things. Her books have won many awards.

She says that she always

wanted to write a book about a dog. When she wrote this book, she hoped

that it would be fun, and help parents and children bond with their dogs.

She also wanted to

help children know that they can do lots of things, even if their parents

work. It would be okay if their parents did not spend time with them all

the time.

The ebook has been

translated into four languages:





Lassie's journey is

free, but it has to be read with the ebook's ebook on your phone, computer,

tablet, or ereader.

You can click on the picture

above, or the picture on the right side of the screen. You will be taken

to a webpage, with instructions about how to read the ebook.

Once you start the ebook,

the pictures will start to appear. They will tell you about Lassie, and

where she lives, and some of her friends. You will also find some more


After a while, Lassie's story

will begin.

If you like dogs,

cats, babies, or kids, you will probably like this ebook.

Read the ebook, and


The ebook is about

a dog named Lassie. It begins in Scotland with Lassie's family and her


Lassie's parents are the

gardener and the town's dog catcher. They live in a castle called Bidean.

Lassie's father has a special bond with the family's new baby. Lassie

is sad that she cannot be with her friends and the baby anymore.

Lassie's family takes

her to meet the new family, which is made up of two children and a new


The new baby is so

sweet. She is happy to have friends, and she plays with the new friends.

Then the little girl


Lassie is sad because

she cannot play with her friends. But the new family is happy to be


They are happy because

their dog was with them before the little girl died. It is a happy


In the beginning, Lassie's

parents work hard, and their lives are very busy. Lassie is a puppy when

her parents first meet the castle's new family. Her parents are always

on the move, looking for lost dogs.

Sometimes they find

the dogs, but they also get bad dogs, which they need to catch. They

can not take Lassie with them.

Her parents are very

happy to have the new family. They are also very sad that their little

girl will never play with Lassie.

Lassie is sad, but

her father is not. He is busy. His parents are busy, too. Lassie loves

her dad. They have a special bond.

Lassie's mother loves

Lassie. She is happy that Lassie can play with the little girl.

Lassie's mother does

not understand why Lassie is sad. She is very busy. She loves Lassie.

She is happy that her daughter can play with the new baby.

Lassie's dad is happy

too. He is working. He is having fun. Lassie's mother and dad love her.

They work hard so that she can play with other dogs. They will never

give up.

In Scotland, it is

summertime. People love dogs and animals. People take dogs to their

houses. The sun is shining. Lassie loves her father. She is very happy.

She plays with the other dogs and children.

But L

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