Keep dog from scratching door

Keep dog from scratching door

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Keep dog from scratching door

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I'm looking for a good scratching post. My first time ever having a pet.

So far so good, its healthy, a ...

Keep dog from scratching door

I'm looking for a good scratching post. My first time ever having a pet.

So far so good, its healthy, a big fat boy, with white, and brownish fins.

My neighbor is having a problem with her dogs, and i am trying to help.

She has been gone for a couple of weeks, and when she came back the dogs were scratching the door! They had been trned to scratch the door before, but now they are out of control. They even have their own scratching post, and they won't stop scratching! They think this is fun, i have to put a piece of cardboard under it.

So anyway, what is the best way to keep this from happening? Can i put stuff like this between them and the door, or will they go nuts?

I was told about getting a "doorstop" that dogs can't push through. Something that's not too tough or anything.

Also, i thought about the cat litter box, and when they go in there they won't get anything else. But she doesn't want to throw that cat litter out because her cat uses it all the time.

What do you guys suggest? I read a thread here on pets at aquariums, and a few people had sd that the best way to keep them from scratching the door was to have an aquarium where they can see what's in it. Would this work?

Also, if she just kept it inside and didn't throw it outside, i was thinking the cat might try to get to it, and that would be even worse!

You can use a cat cage. The reason they hate being cooped up is that it hurts their eyes. And they hate the odor of cat litter. Keep them in a smaller litter box, a tub that drns (and is easy to clean) and they'll be fine. This works for my cats too.

I had this same problem, and what I ended up doing was keeping the cats in a smaller cage. It made everything so much easier! They don't get bothered by the cat litter like you sd, because they aren't actually being exposed to it.

Keep in mind that if she keeps them in a smaller cage, you'll have to watch them and take care of them for longer periods of time. For this reason, I recommend asking your vet about the best cat care method to go with.

I think that the idea of a cat-free aquarium is not a good one. In a natural setting cats will get the chance to come out and look at the aquarium regularly, so having them in there for a prolonged period of time will probably not be good for them. I am a big fan of using aquariums for this though! Some cats actually like the feeling of being in the water, and will enjoy being able to look at fish and other underwater creatures. If you are concerned about your cat trying to get the fish, I recommend using a fish tank that has a wire bottom. You can put cat toys in there, and they will never be able to swim to the top!

I think you are right on. If they get out of the smaller cat box that will be a big problem. So why not set the aquarium up and use it as the cat box? Put a pan underneath it to catch any waste. You could even leave it there, but make sure they get their food/water before you leave for the day. There's no harm in leaving the aquarium for a few hours though. They can't really get out.

That's pretty awesome! I was just talking to my mom about getting a cat enclosure for my fish.

My mom gets so mad when the fish die and she wants to know why. Its not because she hates them. Its because they spend most of their lives in the dark and the glass tank gets kinda icky. She usually has to change it a few times a day.

This is so true! Even if they don't see it, they can smell it, and when my fish died i found them hiding in the corners of the tank and i can't think of why! The good thing about an aquarium enclosure is you can just add an extra filter. I know i did this to one fish i had before. Then i had to change the water and feed the fish. It was like a hassle for something that was only supposed to be there to protect my fish.

But like you sd, its not to keep it in. If they have to be in there, they probably have a good reason!

I have a tank in the garage right now, too. I have tons of fish that I bought as an adult so the tank size is kind of limited. I was actually going to use this as a fish enclosure for a while but the aquarium enclosure is WAY TOO much, since it takes up the space where my tank is, and it would have made it pretty hard to feed and clean. Also, fish need at least two feet of water to swim around and even the minimum size of the tanks that most aquarium vendors sell are 6+ feet long (mine is 10 ft.) so I couldn't even use that, either. I finally decided to get rid of it. I also decided that I don't need aquarium accessories other than what I already have.

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