Grass mites in dogs: this is how you recognize the pests

Especially in summer and autumn, many dogs have to deal with grass mites. But how can the annoying parasites actually be recognized? Grass mites are difficult to see with the naked eye - Image: Shutterstock / infinityyy

If your four-legged friend suddenly scratches and gets rashes in various places, then parasites such as fleas and grass mites can also be responsible. Because the arachnids, which are sometimes referred to as autumn mites, hay mites or grass lice, feed on the tissue fluids and lymphs of mammals, including the dog.

Grass mites are difficult to spot

The small parasites are very difficult to detect with the naked eye - this is not only due to the small size of the nuisance, but also due to their slightly red-brown color. However, if your dog has very light fur and you have very good eyes, the small arachnids can sometimes be recognized on the animal. The best thing to do is to search the areas around the affected skin areas - because the mites often sting several times in the same place, especially where there is little fur and the skin is only thin. This is especially the case on the abdomen, ears or elbow.

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Watch the dog

The best indication of an infestation with the small arachnids is therefore the behavior of your dog. If it scratches frequently and there are rashes on one or more parts of the body, this can indicate the mites. The complaints usually last for several weeks. It is also characteristic of the infestation that the symptoms become even worse as a result of the scratching, and the skin may subsequently become inflamed. Grass mites occur around April to October.

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