Florist isle of dogs

Florist isle of dogs

A woman is trying to save dogs from euthanasia at the RSPCA WA's animal hospital.

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"A woman is trying to save dogs from euthanasia at the RSPCA WA's animal hospital."

Fiona Capp, reporting for ABC Radio Perth, is on the RSPCA’s Western Australia animal hospital trying to find out what is happening to the dogs that don’t survive life there.

She told ABC Radio Perth’s The Sheppard program, that if you can’t come in and collect your dog from the dog ward, the hospital can call you, and ask if you would like to visit and take your dog away.

"I haven’t met the woman who’s making these visits. I am not aware of what she does. I’ve simply got a list of the dogs. I have to find out their names. The list goes up to about 30 at the moment and I just keep going through them," Ms Capp sd.

The RSPCA, in a statement, sd: "We have no concerns about animal welfare with the dogs that stay in our hospital for a period of time as most require medical treatment. It is the euthanasia of puppies that we find challenging. "At the end of the day if a pet, or any animal for that matter, is euthanased, they go out with the knowledge they were treated frly and humanely, and in good time."

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The RSPCA Western Australia is a registered not for profit organisation. Our services are not covered by health insurance.

Our staff, volunteers, community and other supporters rse funds to provide for the care and safety of animals in our care and to offer a range of animal welfare services to promote responsible dog ownership and community care.

How to get help with your pets

Our RSPCA SAVES program helps provide much needed emergency animal care.

We provide emergency care, including medical treatment, care of puppies or kittens in crisis, vaccinations, veterinary or surgical care, spaying/neutering and general first d. Please call our RSPCA Animal Helpline 1800 RSPCA (1800 830 837) for free advice, treatment and support.

If you are seeking veterinary or surgical care for an animal, please call your local vet or see your veterinarian, if your animal is in emergency care, RSPCA Australia Animal Helpline or you can ring the RSPCA WA Animal Welfare line 1800 725 725 for support. You can also visit to view further information.


It is a free national service provided by the RSPCA. SAVES provides an emergency phone service where your pet can be seen by a qualified, registered veterinary surgeon and treated in an emergency if you cannot bring your pet to the vet's surgery.

If you are looking for an emergency cat or dog veterinary service call 1800 RSPCA (1800 830 837) you can also visit for further detls.

Sending an emergency message

When you call SAVES it will give you the option to send an emergency message to a registered veterinarian. A message can also be sent by using our 'Contact Us' page on and you will be redirected to the page contning your detls and the veterinary surgeon's detls.

Sending an emergency message is a quick and easy way to get help for your pet when you can't get to your local vet. Please remember you will still be liable for the cost of the message, so only send it if it is absolutely necessary.

You can only send an emergency message to your veterinary surgeon if they are registered with SAVES. If you do not know whether your veterinary surgeon is registered, please call them on your emergency number and ask.

If you need more information about SAVES call 1800 RSPCA or visit

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