Mobile dog grooming kildare

Mobile dog grooming kildare

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Mobile dog grooming kildare

Home » Dogs » Mobile Dog Grooming Kildare Dog Grooming Service Dog Dog Grooming for Dogs in Kildare Dog Grooming for Dogs in Kildare

Mobile Dog Grooming Kildare

Mobile Dog Grooming Kildare

Mobile Dog Grooming Kildare

Why mobile dog grooming?

Mobile dog grooming has become extremely popular in the last few years because it is a time saving technique which allows you to travel to your dog’s home in Ireland if they have been away from you for a while or on holiday for a while. It is a lot less stressful for dogs as they don’t have to cope with driving long distances and don’t have to be left for long periods of time. You can also do it at a time that suits your busy life and doesn’t clash with any other plans.

Mobile dog grooming kildare is very convenient for us and we hope it is just as convenient for you and your dog!

Mobile dog grooming kildare – Our Services

We offer a high standard service, which is flexible and convenient. You can choose when you want to do your dog grooming, depending on your busy life and we can tlor the service to fit your needs. We will collect your dog from your home and groom him there and then before we bring him back home. Our dog grooming service is suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Dogs are picked up and dropped off at your home in Kildare. There is no additional charge for this service. We offer a dog grooming service to Kildare customers on a normal weekly basis. We do not offer services more than once a week.

Dog grooming can be done at your home or in your garden at any time that suits you. We can come out every time you need us for mobile dog grooming kildare.

To get an idea of our service, you can read reviews from our previous customers.

Our Dog Grooming Prices

You can choose to pay by:

Cash payment



Bank transfer

Payment options depend on your preferences and personal preferences. There is no additional charge for this service.

How to Contact Our Kildare Dog Grooming Service

If you are looking for mobile dog grooming in Kildare, you have come to the right place. We have been providing service to customers in Kildare and the surrounding areas for many years.

If you would like to arrange for mobile dog grooming in Kildare, please get in touch with us today. You can contact us by phone on 01 462 2442 or by eml at: [email protected] We will then be able to discuss your requirements and schedule a time for you to come and see us. You can find our customer detls on the About Us page.

What our customers say about us

The Sheridan Dog Grooming team are very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing dog grooming in Kildare. I would also highly recommend Sheridan Dog Grooming to my friends.

Michael – Kildare

Excellent Service from a Professional and Friendly Dog Grooming Team.

D. – Co. Dublin

Very professional service from a team with lots of experience. Highly recommended.

C. – Co. Laois

I have used Sheridan Dog Grooming service for my dogs on many occasions and I always get excellent service. I would highly recommend their service.

F. – Co. Westmeath

Great service by a very friendly and professional team. I would definitely recommend Sheridan Dog Grooming to my friends and family.

C. – Dundalk

The Sheridan Dog Grooming Team have always provided great service, on time and done with respect. They do all we ask and much more. They never fl to put the extra time and effort in. They do not over price their services.

H. – Co. Dublin

Very professional, quick service, great service. Excellent price. I’ll be using Sheridan Dog Grooming agn for sure.

C. – Co. Dublin

The Dog Grooming service is highly recommended to all my friends and family. A clean and professional service with friendly and helpful staff.

J. – Co. Dublin

Very friendly, professional and efficient service. Excellent value for money. Highly recommend.

P. – Co. Dublin

We have had the pleasure of using Sheridan Dog Grooming for our service dogs. In fact, it is where we go to look after our service dogs before we go to work. The attention to detl with the grooming of our dogs is exceptional, so we go back to them whenever we need their services. Sheridan Dog Grooming are also extremely efficient and courteous.

K. – Co. Cork

I love going to Sheridan Dog Grooming for my four dogs. Their services are always professional and they are punctual. The staff are very friendly and I can get more information from the owner than I can from the staff.

D. – Co. Dublin

First class customer service and all of the staff members are very friendly and efficient. The owners are always on site to assist and advise if needed. The owner runs a very professional business and the team always strive to provide excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend this business.

O. – Co. Donegal

“The staff at Sheridan Dog Grooming have been very good to us. Even when the groomer had to go to the doctor (which did not happen), the owners went out to visit the dog and kept it calm until the groomer came back. Very good customer service”

S. – Co. Dublin

“Thanks for doing a great job. My dog is looking lovely and she is more comfortable than ever”

J. – Co. Mayo

“My dog has been going to Sheridan Dog Grooming for over five years now and I always receive excellent customer service. The groomer is professional, courteous and has been kind enough to help in trning our two dogs. They are always on time for my appointment and my dog looks stunning when he comes back from his holiday.

B. – Co. Donegal

“Sheridan Dog Grooming is great. I have used them for years and I love their professionalism and great service. I also like that the owner of the business is always present to ensure there is no problems with the dog. The entire team are friendly, efficient and professional and I highly recommend them”

S. – Co. Mayo

“I have used Sheridan Dog Grooming for my dogs for many years now and have always been very happy with the service. The groomer is friendly, knows her job, and treats

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