Why is my dog so attached to me

Why is my dog so attached to me

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Why is my dog so attached to me?

Why is my dog so attached to me? I’m the alpha dog in our pack and she needs to know that I am the boss, not her. She’s an independent and strong-willed female who gets anxious when she’s not in charge. We’ve been together since the time she was a puppy. She had a rough start in life and lost her mom and littermates at a very young age. She was adopted into our home and has learned to trust us, love us, and put her own safety and comfort first. She’s not needy, she just wants to be sure she knows who’s boss.

In some ways, she’s almost like a child. She seeks my approval and will jump in my lap when I’m sitting down, and when she’s tired and wants to go to bed, she follows me around the house. It can be a bit disconcerting when she follows me and sits in my lap like that. What do you think? Does your dog want to be your alpha dog? How do you know that?


My dog loves and needs to be on my lap and it feels great to her. She does it even when I’m not around and when she knows I’m watching her it makes her feel so good. As for her wanting to be in charge, you could take it as a sign of her being protective or dominant in a way. That is, she is comfortable being the boss and she has learned to do so from you. You might want to discuss with her whether she’s feeling dominant or protective when she does this. The way to tell is to try not to react negatively and see if she acts differently in your presence than in the presence of someone else. If she does, then you know she is dominant. If she doesn’t, then she is probably protective.

I have a dog that is just the same way as your dog. She will jump in my lap if I am sitting. It is kind of like a human thing. If I am tired, she will follow me around and put her head on my lap and lay her head on my chest. It feels great and she enjoys it. I find it very comforting.

My dog will sit on my lap in any situation. If I am asleep in bed, she will sit there for at least ten minutes and sleep next to me. If I am cooking, she will sit on the counter, laying her head in my hands as I stir the food. If I am on the couch, she will sit and lay her head in my lap. If I am watching TV, she will lay her head on my lap and watch TV. She is a very loving dog, and is very protective of me. She doesn’t do it all the time, and she doesn’t do it when we are alone together, but she will do it for anyone, anytime she gets the chance.

I have a male Cocker who does this as well. When I am sitting on my couch watching tv, he will lay his head on my leg. I don’t know if it is a show of trust, or affection, but he does it a lot and it is very comforting to me.

A friend’s dog does this as well. I’ve never really asked her why but she is very attached to him and would do it at any time. He is always with her and if he isn’t she’ll sit next to him with her head on his lap.

My dog used to do this all the time. She always wanted to be with my husband. She would lay her head on his lap or in his arms. She was like a child and just wanted to be with her favorite person. She is not with us any longer.

My dog used to do this as well. I always thought she was just trying to lay her head down for a nice nap, but she was so comfortable that it made me wonder if she was showing affection or being protective.

My dog has always been like this, although in the past he would lay on my chest.

I think that a dog showing some form of dependency may also have an issue with dominance. My current dog’s behavior is probably a combination of these things:

She’s been abused. In her case, it was from a puppy mill, where she had a rough time, and she’s a pretty strong-willed little gal. She’s always been like this, and she knows what she needs to do to stay safe, but she also knows what she needs to do to show she’s a leader and she’s in charge. She loves you, she’s very close to you, and she has no problem letting you know what she thinks of you.

She’s had a rough time in life, and a lot of it has to do with her needing a lot of attention, and being one of the younger kids in her family. It’s very easy to think of her as a child. She can be a lot of fun, but she can also be a very sweet dog.

She is a strong-willed, independent gal. If someone gets close to her, and she feels the need to be a leader, it can make her want to be with you, to prove that she is still in charge.

I think this article covers all of the bases. Some of the things that can be part of this, and it’s not always related to dominance or protectiveness, is just having fun together. My dog, for instance, likes to lie down with her head in the middle of my lap. This is very similar to many children doing the same thing, but it’s a big part of our relationship, and it helps me to know that I am a big part of her life, which is important to me.

My dog is extremely independent, she is very alpha and assertive, we have had this issue with


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