Why do my dogs ears stink

Why do my dogs ears stink

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Why do my dogs ears stink?

Do your dogs ears stink? It can be the source of many problems, even though your dog does not seem to have an ear infection. Some ear infections are very easy to spot, for example, if you notice the dog licking or rubbing his ears a lot, then he has an ear infection. Other dogs can have less obvious problems, and a dog's ear smell may be the only symptom that you notice.

Some of the symptoms may be:

The dog is reluctant to move

The dog is very grumpy

The dog has a fever

If any of the above symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, then you should seek advice from a veterinarian immediately.

Signs your dog has an ear infection:

Dogs have two eardrums on each side, and when a dog has an ear infection, both of these eardrums can become inflamed and irritated.

When the dog is active, then the eardrums will be dry and it will feel like they are being hit by the wind.

You will be able to see the eardrums when you hold up your dog's ears.

If you touch the dog's ear, then you can feel the pn and tenderness.

You may notice that there is a discharge coming from the dog's ear, and it may even be pnful for the dog.

Signs you dog is suffering from ear mites:

Dogs have four ear canals on each side of their head. The ear canal is lined with hr that helps to trap the sound waves that the dog hears.

You will notice the canal has an odor.

The dog will be scratching his ears, which will be sore.

The dog will not want to go outside and will be very reluctant to play with other dogs or people.

It may be difficult to clean your dog's ears, as the dog will be very reluctant to let you clean them.

What causes my dogs ear smell?

The most common reason that dogs will have an ear odor is because of ear mites. Ear mites are a tiny parasite that lives in the ear of the dog. Ear mites look like tiny white grns and they are usually about the size of a pin head.

The mites feed off the earwax and can cause ear problems. When the mites get into the ear of the dog, then they can cause an ear infection and may even cause the dog to go deaf.

How do I treat an ear infection?

It is recommended that you give your dog a thorough ear bath at least once a month. This helps to remove any debris and mites that are stuck in the ear.

You should also check that your dog's ears are cleaned regularly. When you wash the ear of the dog, then you should clean the ear canal thoroughly.

When you clean your dog's ears, then you should look for any foreign objects. These include:




You should also make sure that there is no smell coming from the ear. If you find that your dog's ears are very inflamed, then it is best to seek advice from your vet. Your vet will be able to clean out the ears, and this will reduce the inflammation.

What should I do to prevent my dogs ear smell?

If you think that your dog's ear smell may be caused by an ear infection, then you should keep the dog away from any dogs and avoid sharing toys or food with other dogs.

Your dog should also be on a regular monthly ear bath. You should ensure that you use a flea and tick shampoo to clean the ear of your dog. The flea and tick shampoo will help to get rid of the mites, and the debris.

You should also remove all toys from your dog's environment, as some toys may be infested with mites. When you play with your dog, then you should ensure that he is wearing clean ears.

How can I prevent ear mites?

If you are a dog owner, then it is likely that you have had an experience with your dog's ear mites. Ear mites can be very hard to prevent, and they can be very hard to

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