How to cut my dog's nails

How to cut my dog's nails

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How to cut my dog's nails

By: Danyle


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How to cut my dog's nails

It is a very common scenario that you receive a dog at home, or one that you adopt. When it arrives it is always very excited to see you and starts looking for a place to lick your face and put all his attention into you. After a little while you realise that he’s got more than just a lick in his paws. A small cut, a nail that seems to grow really fast and your dog has now one very sharp and painful paw, to which he now looks at you for some attention. You could be lucky if you find a dog groomer nearby, however, in this case I am talking about your own home, there are many solutions that you can use to cut your dog’s nails, even if you do not have any special training in this area.

In order to start with the process of cutting your dog’s nails I think it is important to say that the first things that we need to do is to protect your dog’s paws, that we keep clean, and try to avoid the paws getting dirty again. That way we are trying to avoid the nails getting even more long and sharp.

After you have done the first part you now have to think about the second part. We need to find a very sharp knife, for this I have used a kitchen knife, and also you need to have some strong and sticky tape. You want the tape to be strong because you are going to be putting it under the dog’s paw, it needs to stick for a long time.

The knife is going to be used to trim the nails that are going to be in your dogs paw, and of course, you will also be taking the cut nail out. That way you will be able to save the nail and reuse it in the future, so that they do not grow too long. This is all very important, you do not want to have to clip the nails, cut and then have them grow out again.

You are now ready to start, you have a safe place to put your dog, you have your knife and you have a long piece of tape, so the first thing you need to do is hold your dog’s paw in your hand and then start to trim the nails. You can do this in any order you like, however, I recommend the most easy method.

In this method you will be trimming all the nails from the bottom to the top, then from the front to the back. This is very easy to do, and you are going to end up with a much cleaner cut and less nail that is going to be difficult to cut.

Start by taking the tape, and starting from the end of the nail, you are going to be starting to put it onto the tape. The tape is going to be starting to stick onto your dog’s paw, you want to start to get it underneath the nail, so that your tape will be able to stick to it. If the tape is not sticky enough, then you could put the tape under there and then try to push the nail to the bottom of the tape. If this is not working you can also try to use the nail as a hammer and hit it to the bottom of the tape. This should help. If the nail is too long you could also try to push it all the way under the nail so that you can pull it away from the skin, when you start to pull, that will be your nail.

So, in a few words, all you need to do is to start by pulling off the nails from the bottom to the top and then from the front to the back, that is all you need to do to start the process.

In some cases the nails might grow back straight away, and other times it might take a little longer to cut out, however, I think this method is really easy and you can follow that, all you need to do is to wait for the nail to grow back out, when you feel it is starting to grow back out start to pull it and cut it straight away.

If the nails are too long you could also use scissors or a knife and start to cut them. However, it is easier to use the knife, and it does not damage your nails as much.

After you have removed all the nails, and you want to make sure that you are going to get the best result, you need to give the dog a bath. We want to be sure that the nails are not going to be too sharp and that we are going to start to remove some of the dead skin that the nails are going to be scraping along.

After you have cleaned the dog you will need to use a file to take some off, you can also try to use the file by taking the file, and start to shave some of the file away from the top of the nail. This is also going to help to make the nails look better and it is also going to help to remove some of the skin.

If you find that the nail is still too sharp, you could use a pair of pliers to file it down some more, and once you have done this you can also file some of the cuticle that is under the nail.

Once you have finished the whole process you will also need to apply some of the polish that you have. You will need to make sure that you are going to use some that is waterproof, if

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