Do cats get heartworms

Do cats get heartworms

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Do cats get heartworms?" "No." "And why would they?" "Oh, because they're an obligate carnivore, and all obligate carnivores have heartworms." "But I don't get it." "So cats are like me?" "Like me?" "Oh, you are a funny little girl." "You see, Mr. Cat is much too important to be like you." "You're a carnivore." "But he's the only mammal on the planet who will eat from the same dish as me, and that's too precious to risk." "But I don't see it." "Oh, yes, you do." "Oh, I love you." "You're a smart little kitty." "So Mr. Cat is smarter than me?" "Oh, no." "No, no, no, no, no." "He's just smarter at some things." "Like eating, right?" "Oh, no." "No, no, no, no, no." "No." "He's just smarter than you." "Oh, like what?" "He's smarter than you, because he's a big brny guy." "You're a little brny girl, and you're both very smart little creatures." "It's why you are such good friends." "But it's okay." "You're just as smart as he is." "I know because you've taught me things." "Like how to count to three, and how to talk." "And how to do this." "And how to do that." "That's it, that's it." "I can't believe it." "How can you not be smart?" "Oh, I guess that's what happens when you go to school all day." "And your mom cooks." "I can't wt to tell her." "She'll be so surprised." "But I think that you two are going to be very happy together." "And if you are, then you are." "Hey, what are you doing up there?" "Just thinking." "Thinking?" "No way." "I saw a squirrel, and I have a surprise for you." "Come here." "Oh, my gosh, there's a mouse." "Look, a little mouse." "Oh, she's so cute." "Do you want to pet her?" "Hey, little mouse." "There, I've given her my best friend." "You know, the one who knows everything?" "Yes." "Hey, that's my spot." "You're invading my territory." "I'm sorry." "Look, I'm leaving." "You know, I've seen enough for one day." "Oh, no, you're going to stay." "I'm afrd it's the other way around." "Mr. Cat, you taught me a lot today." "I know what I'd like to know." "And what would that be?" "How did Mr. Cat come to live in our house?" "Well, when the circus came to town, it wasn't just a circus." "It was the Circus Maximus, the biggest, most popular circus in town." "Mr. Cat was in a travelling cage." "He was alone." "And he was lonely." "So I found him a new owner." "He came to visit the next day." "He was so cute." "He'd never met a girl." "He was so sweet." "He was just so lovable." "And when the new owner saw that Mr. Cat had been so well taken care of, well, he fell in love with Mr. Cat." "And then he fell in love with you." "And the circus, of course, came to town." "And everything was perfect." "Except, of course, for me." "And then, when it was time to go," "Mr. Cat sd a sad goodbye to his new family and took off in search of a new adventure." "And that is how Mr. Cat ended up at our house." "I can't believe it." "So Mr. Cat was alone in that travelling cage?" "And he wasn't happy?" "No." "But at least he was happy." "And so am I." "We're good friends, aren't we?" "Oh, Mr. Cat, we are." "We really are." "Now, that's what I call a story." "Can you teach me a story?" "I don't know if you have any stories left to tell." "I have lots of stories." "But it would have to be a really long story, with lots of words." "And you have no words left." "Oh, I have lots of words." "But Mr. Cat, please, just one." "Okay." "Okay, then." "Well..." "Once upon a time, there was a little house." "And it was a home for two." "And they were a very good friends." "But, one day, a surprise came to their door." "Hey, I'm home." "No!" "Get out!" "Hey, get out of here." "Get out of here, get out of here, get out of here, get out of here." "And the surprise at the door was this." "Mr. Cat." "I gotcha!" "And he came to live with them." "But then, another surprise came to their door." "And when he got there, he brought someone else." "Hey, I'm home." "No!" "Get out!" "Hey, get out of here." "Get out of here." "Get out of here." "Get out of here." "And he brought someone else." "Mr. Cat." "Mr. Cat." "Mr. Cat." "And then, the surprise came at the door yet agn." "Who's there?" "And he brought someone else." "And this time, no one was home." "And he brought someone else." "Mr. Cat." "Mr. Cat." "Mr. Cat." "And he brought someone else." "Mr. Cat." "Mr. Cat." "Mr. Cat." "And he brought someone else." "Mr. Cat

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