American Curl: uncomplicated to hold

American Curl: uncomplicated to hold

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The American Curl is a cat with an exceptional appearance and a nice cheerful character. Read here what you should consider when keeping the fairly uncomplicated cat. The American Curl is a playful, happy cat - Image: Shutterstock / Linn Currie

If you want to buy a cat, have a lot of time for it and are ready to furnish your home cat-friendly, that's half the battle. As far as posture is concerned, there is little you can do wrong with this endearing tiger. He feels comfortable in the house and in the apartment, with or without a freewheel.

Correct posture of the cat

Adaptable as this velvet paw is, it can adapt to the most diverse family constellations and conspecifics - no wonder that it is such a popular pet. As a calm, balanced animal, the American Curl is a particularly popular house cat. However, her playful, curious character ensures that she also feels very comfortable outside. If she is kept in the apartment, you should be particularly busy with your pet. The attached animal enjoys the play and cuddle time with you very much.

Recipes against boredom

Make the play units varied with your parlor tiger, and if you feel like it, incorporate learning a few tricks and tricks into the daily game hour - many representatives of this very clever cat breed like this.

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It is best to keep your companionable pet at least in a double pack. Boredom and loneliness don't stand a chance and the cat feels much more comfortable.

Regular care of the American Curl

The cute cat should be brushed once or twice a week. Also check your pet's eyes and ears so that you can see a veterinarian if there are any abnormalities. You should also keep a watchful eye on parasites, especially if your cat is a free lover.

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