Year of the dog spacebar

Year of the dog spacebar

When the year 2000 came and went, many of us assumed we'd never see something like this agn. What we got instead was a year of total, unfettered technological innovation. The "Internet", after all, was just beginning to grow. But in the age of Trump, maybe it's high time to wonder whether this, too, will be remembered as an "end of history".

The term was coined by French theorist and cultural critic Jürgen Habermas. It refers to a time of "ideological consensus" where all social movements, all ideas, all technologies, have been integrated into one. The year 2000 can be seen as the end of a sort of "social pacification" where there was no conflict between the "good" and the "bad", where everyone agreed that the only thing that mattered was "progress", and where the media was in the hands of a few gigantic, "disinterested" corporations.

Nowadays, it's a year of total ideological crisis. Donald Trump was elected the next US president thanks to the overwhelming support of white supremacists and other conservatives. The populist, anti-establishment, anti-globalist, anti-immigration movement in Britn, the "Brexiteers", has seen its dreams of leaving the EU crumble. The populist leader of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, has been in jl for months, after the Dutch government refused to comply with a Europe-wide court order that he be prosecuted for inciting hatred agnst Muslims. And in France, Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, is on her way to becoming the country's next president.

With all these leaders of the populist right at loggerheads with the free, open, globalized world, maybe we've seen the end of the Age of Aquarius. What do you think?

Is it 2019 already? I mean the year of the spacebar, of course. The year that we go to the other side of the Sun and find the other side of the Universe. It is also the year we have seen new technological innovations in the world, the year when the Internet of Things has transformed our everyday lives, the year that 3D printers have become cheap and, above all, the year that the Internet has been the scene of the biggest scandals in the history of the world. I just remembered today that it's also the year of the end of 2014 - the year that we discovered the Earth got hit by a meteorite and that 2014 would not be the hottest year on record after all. Is it a coincidence?

Do you remember the big hype around 2014? Did you notice the memes about how the year could also be called the year of the spacebar? Did you even remember the year of the spacebar?

The world was in shock when an asteroid measuring 30 meters in size (one-third of a mile), hit the Earth and disintegrated. The impact of the meteorite, or asteroid as it was generally called, occurred very close to the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. The meteorite entered the Earth's atmosphere at 28 km/sec and hit the ground at a pressure of 1.9 microbars (microbars are tenths of a bar, 10^-4 bars). This caused the asteroid to disintegrate into a huge cloud of pieces which was seen for hours and could be still be seen from the ground. If you watch the footage you will see that the meteor looks like a piece of paper which is lit from the right side. That's because the piece was rotating while in the atmosphere, as seen from the side.

The debris from the impact left a huge crater, and the asteroid was seen, for the first time in history, under the water. It was the first time that the world saw something as huge as a meteor hit the ground and leave a crater under the water.

The most visible sign of the impact was a shock wave which hit buildings and streets and was heard for hours. In addition to that, a massive shockwave was registered in the seismic equipment of the planet.

The meteorite was so large that it left a crater of about 300m (nearly 1/2 mile). It's the biggest in Russia and could have been bigger but for the fact that the asteroid that exploded was very big. It would have caused much more damage if it were much bigger.

The first news about the impact was issued a few hours after the first impact and sd that the object that hit the ground had the diameter of about 30 meters and came out of the sky with 28 km/sec.

Russia issued a warning that the meteor could hit other cities and villages. That was also issued in the US. In Australia the meteor was registered at 11:20 PM which was at the time the closest location in Australia to the impact. The explosion occurred at the time of 18:12 Moscow time which meant that it had just happened in Moscow. The meteor hit the ground for 7 to 10 seconds.

The meteor was very bright but faded away very fast as it began to burn in the atmosphere. It lit the whole sky with a brilliant flash of light and a strong blast was heard as it hit the ground. People who were looking at it were sd to have seen a brilliant fireball flash across the sky, followed by a strong explosion which lit up the night sky. A fireball of the meteor was seen traveling across the sky. The explosion was so strong that it was heard from more than 40 kilometers away.

In addition to the impact, the meteor was accompanied by some spectacular shooting and burning lights which lasted for about 10 seconds. In addition to that, scientists around the world reported that they were observing a trl of small light and dust which appeared on the skies of the world.

It was sd that meteor showers were also observed for days following the explosion. There were reports of shooting stars which were not seen before and of strange flashes which were described as “the most spectacular ever observed in the history of mankind”. Many astronomers reported that this meteor was far greater in size than anything they had seen before and was twice as dense as a nickel.

Scientists say that it is very rare for a meteor of such size to hit the ground but because of its size and its speed it created an awesome impact which could be felt in an area of more than 20 kilometers.

The meteor has been registered in Canada as a ‘very bright meteor’ which lasted about two seconds. Another bright fireball was also seen in China.

Most people who saw it sd that it was brighter than anything they had seen before. In some cases the fireball was brighter than the lightening that occurs during the winter. It was also accompanied by several shooting and burning lights. The meteor was seen moving towards the northeast direction. In Canada the meteor was seen at 12:05 AM and in the US it was registered at

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