Do dogs know when humans are sleeping

Do dogs know when humans are sleeping

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Do dogs know when humans are sleeping? (or why are some dogs sleeping in the kitchen?)


It's not that they know when we are asleep, it's that they know that it's unsafe for them to be there.

They understand the difference between what's safe for them to be in, and what's not.

If your dog's in the kitchen at night, he's not actually there to eat or sleep, he's there because it's dangerous.

So I think the answer to your question is that no, they do not know what we are doing and no, they do not "sneak in" on us while we are sleeping.

But there's another question here - do dogs have the ability to read minds? It's possible, they can do it by picking up on our body language and the way we speak, but they cannot read our thoughts in that way.

As long as a dog's around someone who's awake, the dog will be around and listen to what they say - it's more about the relationship, rather than the dog, reading the person's mind.


I think it is a matter of understanding what we are trying to tell the dog.

If we are asleep, it may be more about not being able to tell the dog that it is dangerous to be in the kitchen, and hence we move it elsewhere. The dog might be so well trained it will simply follow you.

If we are awake, then it is more a matter of the danger of the dog. The dog is around us, and therefore around all the food, and potentially any tools we might have laying around. It doesn't really matter to the dog whether we are asleep

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