Which dog food is recommended for constipation?

Which dog food is recommended for constipation?

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If a dog drinks too little water or is malnourished, constipation can occur. You can find out how to prevent this and alleviate complaints here. Constipation is very uncomfortable for the dog - Image: Shutterstock / sianc

A constipation in the dog can arise if the four-legged friend eats too much dry dog ​​food and drinks too little water. Even if he eats too many bones or has ingested non-digestible objects, intestinal blockage can occur. If he is in pain or the symptoms persist for more than two days, you should take him to the vet immediately.

Dietary fiber in dog food provides relief

In order for dogs to be able to excrete their feces without any problems, they must be given the right dog food and have enough fluids. Dietary fiber in the form of raw fibers is particularly important in dog nutrition. They stimulate bowel movements and improve stool consistency so that the animal can loosen itself better. You should also give your darling plenty of water to drink. Avoid bones for dog feeding and give the four-legged friend better nibbling sticks or soft buffalo skin chewing bones for dental care.

In addition, a few boiled flax seeds, butter, yogurt, or cream can help the dog get relief again. However, dose these home remedies very sparingly and carefully. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

Which also helps dogs with constipation

In addition to high-fiber dog food and plenty of water, exercise can also help to clear the constipation. Half an hour to an hour after a meal, you should take your dog for a walk to help intestinal activity get going.

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However, if your dog does not feel like moving, is apathetic and lacking in drive, there may be a serious illness behind it. Your darling may have eaten something unfavorable that got caught in his gut. Be sure to have the vet clarify this quickly.

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