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Cute dog puppies: "We are sooo cute!"

Cute dog puppies: "We are sooo cute!"

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Cute puppies when playing, eating or sleeping are just cute to look at. In this video a whole lot of cute and cheeky dogs are presented: Too cute!

"I am so cute that you have to look at me all the time!" Could be the sentence that these cute four-legged friends want to throw at their owners. The little puppies in this film show that they don't have to do much to win people's hearts. While a French bulldog just looks into the camera with its big eyes and puts a smile on the face of the viewer, other puppies also know how to enchant their viewers.

Cuddling with their siblings, playing with a ball, trying to bark or chasing their own reflection: These animals have the knack of how to make their mistresses and masters shine with little effort. Heartwarming!

Ten puppies whose eyes are hard to resist

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