Keep dog and cat together: requirements

Keep dog and cat together: requirements

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Dogs and cats do not have to be literally enemies. Both pets can be kept together very well - but there are a few things you need to keep in mind if your four-legged friends are to get on well. Dog and cat can cuddle together - Image: Shutterstock / gurinaleksandr

While dogs and cats are by nature not perfectly compatible, this does not mean that you cannot keep the animals together. It is only important that you do not simply confront the dog with the velvet paw without preparation, but make sure that certain requirements are met.

Bring dog and cat together as young animals

For a harmonious coexistence, the dog must accept the cat as a pack member. This works best when both animals get used to each other as puppies. In this way, they get to know their different body language at an early stage, so that misunderstandings are avoided - mostly the animals do not come into conflict with each other because of an innate antipathy, but simply because of communication problems. For example, cats read a dog's friendly tail wagging as an angry or even angry gesture.

Cat friendly dog ​​breeds

Coexistence of the two types of pet works particularly well when the dog is calm and balanced and does not make the cat nervous through frequent barking and hectic behavior. Large dog breeds such as St. Bernard, Labrador or Newfoundland are considered peaceful and are often also cat-friendly. Among the smaller dogs, for example, the friendly and less aggressive pug is suitable for keeping with other pets. For all breeds, it also depends on the individual character of the dog, how well he gets along with the velvet paw in the house.

Dog and cat are friends for life

Spatial requirements

There should be enough space so that the dog and cat can live together under one roof. A large apartment or house is a must. It is important to set up separate feeding points for this. The litter box should be placed so that the dog does not start digging or even eating the litter.

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